Content - I write content, long and short form, about any of the niches below. I can be a one time writer for your company, on retainer for your organization, or a regular contributor paid per article. I write content that gets click-through results, whether its news or educational, personal or professional. You’re an entrepreneur with a new CBD startup? You don’t have time to run a blog by yourself!

Copy - Let me help you get results from your website or social media via compelling blog posts, product descriptions, and advertisement copy.

SEO - It’s no secret that SEO rules the world of online content. I craft content for your website or blog that includes SEO keywords while still sounding human.

Social Media

Content - I can write your posts and craft your images or graphics to get you more followers and easily promotable posts.

Sponsored Posts - Get your products on my social media feed, or let me reach out to popular influencers in your niche’s field. Sponsored posts can be just about any product or service. Gear, food, travel services, CBD oil, vape pens, and other products thrive on Instagram feeds.

Content Schedules - I can craft a content schedule you can run with. The scope of this schedule can be as shallow or in depth as you’d like. I can help you create a calendar based on visual content you already have, build a calendar with topics for you to build on yourself, or schedule and produce the entire thing for you!

Follower Growth - I am an expert at growing your Instagram following. I’ve helped cannabis companies, news sites, health and fitness coaches, and outdoor advocates grow their Instagram followings from as little as 100 to over 2,000. What kind of growth can I help you achieve?


Whether you are a small business, job applicant, student, or advocacy organization, I offer proofreading, structural review, and copyediting to ensure your project gets done right. I can edit your content, copy, resumé, academic papers, blog posts, and articles. Don’t stay up all night worrying if your PhD application had a typo or your latest CBD blog post wasn’t quite as approachable as you thought, hire me! 


Cannabis - I write blog posts, articles, and policy analyses about cannabis legalization & advocacy, the CBD industry, major cannabinoids, science, cuisine, news, and more. I write for cannabis news watch groups, non-profit advocacy groups, CBD startups, and cannabis education blogs.

Outdoor Recreation - As a thru-hiker and climber, I can provide you with well-rounded outdoor industry content like gear reviews, experience-based advice pieces, social media content, audio/visual content, gear copy, and so much more. I write for backpacking blogs, gear & food companies, and local newspaper tourist columns.

Mental Health - I am a huge advocate of speaking publicly about mental health. I have written about depression, anxiety, codependency, insomnia, drug dependence, and PTSD from an experience-based viewpoint. I write about my own struggles to provide relatable content for others going through the same thing as well as to show that there are many ways of coping with mental illnesses.


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