Podcast Here:

Each week on Podcast Here:, I have a casual conversation with a backpacker, adventurer, cyclist, vanlifer, or risk-taker. We talk about our experiences in the outdoors, the mental and physical changes these experiences bring, life, and doing the things that scare us. I hope this ever-changing podcast brings you stories you can relate to, human connection, and inspiration.



S1 E1: Jen ‘Squeaks’ Giddens

I chat with Jen as she prepares for her next long trail. We discuss her AT thru-hike, her personal journey, moving 5 times, in one year, and so much more. 

“If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”


S1 E2: Emily ‘Blackbird’ Atkins

Blackbird and I reminisce about our days on trail and talk about the personal growth that comes from long distance backpacking.

“All the times that felt so hard and heavy, taught us how to love and be a better person and how to be grateful for those times.”


S1 E3: Joseph ‘General Hendrix’ Robinson

Part 1 of a 2 part interview. Hendrix walks me through his entire Appalachian Trail thru-hike, his first hitch after the trail, and tells me about the best thing he's ever found in a hiker box.

"You always have to go through the extreme first before it becomes easier."


S1 E4: Joseph ‘General Hendrix’ Robinson

Part 2 of a 2 part interview. Hendrix and I discuss facing your fears, moving to Hawaii, and proving yourself. 

"To this day that's where I feel home is, on trail."


S1 E5: Sarah ‘Sniffles’ Legg

This episode is a bit different from the ones you've heard so far! This week, Sarah asks me as many questions as I ask her! We talk about hiking with her dog, Ziggy; making the tough decision to leave the trail to finish college; and bad days. I tell her about my worst day on trail, my heavy pack, and funding my thru-hike. 

"You are allowed to feel any emotion you want out there. If you're angry, be angry! But you're only angry at yourself. It's not like you can be angry at anyone else!"


S1 E6: Rachel ‘Full Nelson’ Lashinsky

Rachel and I discuss her struggles with substances growing up, how she came out of that phase of her life, dipping her toes into the backpacking community, and becoming who you want to be one step at a time.

"[hiking] totally let me know my worth."


S1 E7: Rachel ‘Full Nelson’ Lashinsky

This is the second part of a long interview I did with Rachel in December. I love Rachel’s perspective and we got a lot deeper for this second half. We talk in this episode about bodily functions (skip ahead about 10 minutes if you’d like to avoid it!), food, community, injuries, and mental health. This was a very full episode with laughter and seriousness.

"You know those meme posts where it's like, 'you're taking all of this,' and it shows a pictures of pills. Then it shows like a very stereotypical shot of some pine trees and a trail and says, 'but you really need this.'?"


S1 E8: Amy ‘Slider’ Hunsucker

In this episode we hear Slider’s tramily stories from The Northbound horde, paying back your student loans on trail, carrying a plastic trombone the entire AT (which cows really liked), and backpacking with her mom!

"They'd see me coming around the corner and go "Oh it's the girl with the trombone!””


S1 E9: Kelley ‘Wicked’ Guimont

Wicked and I talk about being unprepared for the cold on our thru-hikes, tents, life after the trail, and overcoming anxiety during her thru-hike.

“As the trail went on, I realized that I was actually just really strong for being able to cope with mental health issues while still doing this amazing feat of thru-hiking."


S1 E10: Beth Bradley

Beth and I examine the emotions of hiking for the first time, finding plus-sized snow pants, and the 52 Hike Challenge. We also talk about her Moth Story Slam experience, self-worth, and proving yourself to yourself.

“I just needed that. I just needed to show myself that I could do it.”


S1 E11: Devin ‘Jukebox’ Everett

Devin and I had a super casual conversation about breaking bones on a thru-hike, hiking with Lyme, contacts, goals for the future, and sooooo much more. 

"So many different things happened on trail. When people ask you, 'How was trail?' Well the whole thing overall was great! But do you want to hear about that time when I fell and bled all over or that time when a bear woke us up in the middle of the night and growled right next to our tents?"


S1 E12: Ashley ‘Yard Sale’ Manning

Ashley and I talk about Giardia, Trail Names, becoming a rafting guide, community, chafe cars, and canyons. 

"Backpacking... there's just something, like, your whole heart is just there."


S1 E13: Rachael ‘Blade’ Robertson

Rachael and I talk about returning to ‘real life’ after trail, our hardest days on trail, and everything in between.

“Now it’s like, you know how to dial in to ‘You can do this girl! Look at all you’ve done!’ and that’s what I started telling myself, even towards the end!”


S1 E14: Spencer ‘Slowride’ Shrum

On this episode, Spencer and I compare NOBO vs. SOBO; he tells me what it was like to have a girlfriend and a dog at home during his hike; we also discuss coming back to our nuanced society and leaving the corporate world. 

"The only limitation was how much daylight there was."