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Review: Peak Sherpa Energy Balls

Review: Peak Sherpa Energy Balls

Peak Sherpa sent me some of their Energy Balls to review! Here I am, with a review!


About Peak Sherpa

Peak Sherpa is a super cool organization. The founders are Tibetan! The company is a Certified B Corp, which means that they are committed to environmental and social stewardship along with high transparency standards. They also donate 2% of revenue every year to nonprofits (you can see which here)!



Peak Sherpa uses Tsampa, an ancient cereal of sprouted and roasted mountain barley farmed in the Himalayas that Mount Everest Sherpas have carried on their expeditions for a long time. Their organic energy balls contain Tsampa as well as other organic ingredients like egg whites, nuts, pea crisps, sunflower oil, and Himilayan Pink Salt.


In texture, I think these Energy Balls were perfect. Nutrition and energy were both also on point! They didn’t spike my blood sugar and they didn’t make me crash, like some quick energy bars. The best part about these, to me, was that they don’t sit in your stomach. I don’t know about you, but when I eat a Clif bar, I often can feel it sitting heavily in the bottom of my stomach for a few miles after I eat it.


As far as flavor goes, I loved the Almond Butter Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Almond, but the fruity flavors were a little bit off to me. The Mango Coconut left me with an aftertaste that reminded me of bubble gum while the Cranberry Pecan hardly tasted like cranberries and somehow left me with an aftertaste of almond oil. I’m not really one for coconuts or mangos, so it makes sense that it wasn’t my favorite flavor and I’m sure many people would love it. I am obsessed with cranberries, though, so I was surprised that I didn’t like it.



Energy Balls are “The Bar Redefined,” Peak Sherpa’s website says. The balls were designed and tested on Mount Everest by actual mountaineers. They wanted a something bite sized, resealable, and nutritious in a way that would sustain for endurance activity.

I absolutely love the package design. I’ve often found myself not being able to finish a full 200 calorie bar in one stop. I used to carry one extra baggie in my fanny pack, specifically for unfinished bars so that my fanny pack wouldn’t get icky from a ripped wrapper.

I’m not a huge fan of having to use my super dirty trail fingers to touch the food I’m eating at breaks, so I was worried about that aspect when I first received these. But upon actually trying them out on the trail during my weekend in Georgia, I found that I could easily squeeze the bite-sized balls using the package and putting them directly into my mouth without having to touch them with my bare fingers.

The size of the balls is perfect. Small enough that I could easily chew them while I was still moving. I love eating while walking on the trail. Why stop if I don’t need a break? I could chew them without my mouth being too full to breathe, which is huge for me.



5/5 Stars!

I’d rate these Energy Balls a 5/5. Since I know I have picky taste buds when it comes to fruity things, I’m not going to include the Cranberry Pecan or Mango Coconut flavors in my rating. If I was in a store and found these in an aisle I would have most likely only bought the Almond Butter Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Almond flavors, anyway.

The texture and flavor of those two flavors were fantastic. The energy was sustained, and it felt good and clean (similar to how I feel after eating a Larabar, but more full). The packaging was ace, and the size of the balls is perfection. At about $3 per package with 260 calories per package, they come out to 86 calories per dollar. That’s just 14 calories under the standard I set for my thru-hike to find the most efficient food for my budget. Since they’re resealable, could probably be used for two snacks during my day (I didn’t eat nearly as much as most thru-hikers I knew), they’re all organic, and they’re light weight, I would still absolutely buy these as often as possible if I was on a thru-hike or even a road trip.


I LOVE these Energy Balls and I hope y’all will try them out too! You can buy them here!


 Bonus: Bonnie had to help, of course.

Disclaimer: While I did receive one package of each flavor of energy balls to try so that I could write a review, I am in no way receiving money from your purchase nor was this post sponsored monetarily. I genuinely love this product and wanted to share it with you. This is a great company, founded by great people.

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