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Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a freelance writer, transcriptionist, and podcast host! Check out my Podcast, hire me, or read about my adventures!

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This is Trail Name Here.

This is a space where I share life stories, write, and connect people. I’m glad you’re here to join me by listening to Podcast Here, reading my blog, or looking back at my journey on the Appalachian Trail.

Instagram: @TrailNameHere

TNH Outdoor Education

TNH Outdoor Education

In October I gave my very first outdoor education presentation at Lake Region Middle School in Naples, ME. The middle school science students interacted with my gear, picked trail names, and asked me loads of questions which I helped answer with photos. We talked candidly about my trail experience and the students applied the skills they were learning about map coordinates and ecosystem services to my presentation. The students even sent me a thank you card!

Since that presentation I’ve been working on making my workshops even better. I’ve started to create modules, set up more presentations (I have one on Monday!), and began networking with more educators. For my presentations I’m currently using a tent I’ve borrowed from a friend (thank you ALICE!) as my tent is not freestanding and cannot be set up inside. I’m also currently using a borrowed laptop (thank you MILES!) to create my presentations and share photos with the students. Most public schools can’t afford to pay for my workshops and presentations. While I work on getting more paid gigs at private schools and private organizations I’d still like to be able to offer my services to public schools.

I need YOUR help! I’m working toward obtaining a free standing tent of my own and a reliable computer for these presentations. Rural schools in Maine are 30+ miles from where I live. I pay for the gas myself. I don’t want to only present to schools that can afford it, everyone deserves an introduction to the outdoors. If you want to help me bring my presentation to more schools, click the link below to donate!

Your funds will be used to for:

  • Gas to get to more schools

  • A reliable computer

  • A free standing tent

I Quit My Job

I Quit My Job

The Van, Terra

The Van, Terra