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Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a freelance writer, advocate, and podcast host! I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and it changed my life. Check out my Podcast, hire me, or read about my adventures!

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This is a space where I share life stories, educate, and connect people. I’m glad you’re here to join me by listening to Podcast Here, reading my blog, or looking back at my journey on the AT.

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Personal: 18 Goals for 2018

Personal: 18 Goals for 2018


I recently read a book called Get Your Shit Togetherby Sarah Knight. I gathered some nice tips about managing what I really want in my life and, of course, getting my shit together. This short and sweet guide is a must read if you’re having a hard time getting out of any sort of rut. This book, my new counselor, Appalachian Trials by Zach Davis, and a post by Mountain Maven inspired me to set some goals for this year. These goals are both material and mental. I hope, perhaps, they inspire you to set some goals for yourself this year!

18 Goals for 2018:

  1. Complete an Appalachian Trail thru-hike (duh)

  2. Complete 30 hours of meditation (that’s about 5 minutes a day)

  3. Build out Abby (my van) You can see some of my ideas [here]

  4. I’d also like to learn more about how to fix her

  5. Declutter my material possessions (especially my clothing!)

  6. Make a budget when I get back from the trail and stick to it (and save more money)

  7. Decide on a career pathWork on certifications or education I might need for said career

  8. hopefully get a job

    1. If you have any recommendations let me know!

  9. Gain mental strength through:Thru-hiking

  10. Meditation

    1. Confidence building exercises

  11. Make five new, and hopefully lasting, friendships (shouldn’t be too hard on the trail)

  12. Reduce my anxiety through:Meditation

  13. Coping mechanisms

    1. Rational thinking

    2. Journaling

  14. Put aside my prejudicesI often think something about someone before I even speak to them.

  15. I forget to think about things from someone else’s perspective (i.e. what they’ve been through in life, what they are going through at that moment, what they might be worrying about)

    1. I sometimes lack empathy

  16. Stop interrupting other people mid-sentence (I hate it when other people do it to me... why do I do it to someone else?)

  17. Redefine my definition of “success”Old Definition: 9-5 job, wealth, marriage, etc.

  18. New Definition: Happiness, mental health, purpose

  19. Do what I really want for a whole year

  20. Stop caring about what other people think

  21. Stop saying ‘sorry’ needlessly

  22. Read at least 10 books (if you have any recommendations let me know!)

  23. Submit a story to the MothAlso try to get in some stand-up comedy time

  24. Perhaps perform a story

    1. Maybe write about my trail experience after the fact

  25. Act with more intention.Think about what I say

  26. Think about what I do

    1. Live in the moment

    2. Stop living with things I don’t like (poor confidence, anxiety, laziness, messiness, crappy fingernails, etc.)

Pre-Trail: Appalachian Trials

Pre-Trail: Appalachian Trials

Personal: My Month with Prozac

Personal: My Month with Prozac