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Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a freelance writer, advocate, and podcast host! I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and it changed my life. Check out my Podcast, hire me, or read about my adventures!

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This is Trail Name Here.

This is a space where I share life stories, educate, and connect people. I’m glad you’re here to join me by listening to Podcast Here, reading my blog, or looking back at my journey on the AT.

Instagram: @TrailNameHere

How to get involved in my hike:

How to get involved in my hike:


  Do you want to live vicariously through me while I hike? Perhaps want to join me for a day or a week? Possibly want to buy me a nice dinner next time I'm in town? Wish to send me a care package? Keep your eyes peeled for your way to get involved below:

1. Live vicariously through me:

  • You can follow along visually through my Instagram: @TrailNameHere

    • My posts will be delayed by a few days to ensure safety and obscurity from potentially harmful internet trolls.

    • You can see the approximate locations of my photos or landmarks I mention in posts on the Interactive AT Map!

  • To request occasional post cards or handwritten letters you can submit the following on the contact page:

    • Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number, and Preference (postcard or letter)

      1. Deadline for these requests is February 10, 2018!

2. Join me:

  • You can join me anywhere along my hike from just a day all the way up to one week!

  • Please remember:

    • I only carry gear, food, water, and supplies for myself and I cannot provide or carry these things for you.

    • I am a thru-hiker and as such I will be relatively fit and enduring difficult terrain in some places. Be prepared!

    • I love company, but I limit the time I will be allowing people to accompany me to one week in order to preserve some serenity and social sanity.

    • To join me out on the trail just submit a contact form or contact me directly!

3. Buy me some food, a shower, clean laundry, etc.:

  • You can donate money to my "in town" fund on my Donation Page! This money is used for:

    • Prepared Meals

    • Food Resupply

    • Gear repairs and replacement

    • Hostels

    • Showers

    • Laundry

    • Mail

    • Feel free to accompany the donation with a food, restaurant, or hostel recommendation!



4. Send a care package:

  • Check my Contact page on February 10, 2018 for a list of mail drops that you can send packages to for me to receive! I will update this list as I go along the trail, so keep checking back if you pick a drop location that is further along my route.

    • Please note that if you do send me a package I need to be notified so that I actually pick it up! (you don't have to tell me what is in it, just where you sent it!)

    • Notifications can be submitted to my cell phone, contact page, or Instagram DM

    • What should I put in your care package?

      • Food! (I do not have any serious allergies)

        • Anything calorie dense

        • Candies / Mints

        • Jerky / Fruit Leather

        • Peanut Butter and / or Chocolate!

        • Granola Bars / Energy Bars

        • Stinger waffles

        • BCAA supplements

        • Seasonings and Condiments

        • Knorr Rice Sides / Ramen

        • Goldfish and other crackers

        • Nuts (without shells!)

        • Baked Goods (cookies, donuts, brownies, s'mores supplies, etc.)

        • Supplies!

          • Rubbing Alcohol Wipes

          • Hair Ties

          • Ziploc Baggies (Preferably the freezer variety)

          • Stamps

          • Leuko Tape

          • Empty Smart Water Bottles

          • Chapstick of any sort

          • If you aren't sure or want more specifics, feel free to text me or send a contact form while I'm out on the trail! Cravings hit hard in the wilderness! Check my Contact page if you don't have my direct number.

Other ideas are listed here:

5. Volunteer for some trail magic:

  • If you live anywhere near the trail consider volunteering for some Trail Magic:

Trail Magic: an unexpected act of kindness, is a quintessential part of the Appalachian Trail experience for many long-distance hikers.

  • Ideas for trail magic:

    • Clean Water

    • Fresh Fruit

    • Fresh Veggies

    • Grill some burgers and dogs

    • Hot coffee in the morning

    • Provide a few rides to town

    • Baked Goods

    • Bring a few trash bags for hikers to empty the trash they've been carrying

    • You can provide trail magic anywhere along the trail at any time during the hiking season (April - October) at any point on the trail!

      • Just remember to leave no trace, anything you bring in that was not consumed must be packed out. (Trash, extra food, cooking devices, coolers, baskets, etc.)

      • Locations for trail magic can be easily pinpointed on the Interactive AT Map above!

      • Trail Magic can take a as little as an hour!

Pre-Trail: What I do at the Gym

Pre-Trail: What I do at the Gym

Gear: REI Take Two!!

Gear: REI Take Two!!