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Gear: Deals!

Gear: Deals!


Everybody loves a good deal. I've been hemming and hawing about the cost of bear bags for about a month. Then this past weekend, I received a coupon from REI! If you have a membership they are having a sale until November 20, 2017 for 20% off one full priced item and one garage item. I snagged an Ursack and a headlamp for less than $90 combined!

Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp



This Cosmo headlamp is one of a few that I had tried out the last time I was at REI. I LOVED the newer version, but I'm cheap, so I am hoping that last years version (from the garage) is just as good. Considering I got it for less than half the price, I can't complain. My biggest requirements were around 100 lumens (you really don't need much more for night hiking and around camp, any more and you'll blow through batteries) and a red light setting for around camp at night. This one is lightweight, has both, and (most importantly) is cheap!

Ursack S29.3 AllWhite Bear Bag


The Ursack has amazing reviews and I've been eyeing it ever since I started planning my food kit. I'm not positive that I 'NEED' it, but since it is the same price with my coupon as buying locsaks and a water tight bag, I'm opting for the bear safe one. They are quite popular so I'm planning on doing something to decorate the outside of mine. I've seen more than a few posts from people who had theirs 'stolen' (in most cases, mistakenly taken by someone who though it was theirs).

Check out my Gear page! I update it weekly with the gear that I am gathering up before my departure. Have suggestions? (Seriously I have no idea what to wear, a problem I didn't think I would have...) comment or send me an email on my contact page.

What are you going to buy with your coupon?

Keep Trekking,


Disclaimer: All images in this post are property of REI. This post is not sponsored by REI, I just like good deals and hope that you do too!

How To: Register your hike!

How To: Register your hike!

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